Aida Alvarez Fernandez - Care/Duration(s)

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Najaar 2020 - on-line

Aida applied with a project which see develops together with other Master and Bachelor students at HKU Utrecht and Tilburg Conservatorium. We were working on a collaboration, with 'Care/Duration(s)' as working title, with artist and fellow HKU master student, Charli Herrington, They are developing a musical work with movement that revolves around collectivity, care and inclusivity.
Their goal is to present a three part online performance in October or November. The first part will be a film screening of a short film that Charli Herrington is making on the topic of shared labor and care, featuring Hache’s work as a key example. The second part will be a performance of the music and movement piece, Care/Duration(s) . The third part would be a session led by members of Hache to share techniques that we developed for music improvisation within the restrictions of webchat software.

Reactie van de commissie:

We decided to support Aida, since we believe that projects as this will bring new dimensions to co-creation initiatives. We like the idea that they included in their project sharing of learnings with the audience. We hope this will result in interaction, new insights and next steps leading to a next stage of the concept/product.

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