Szczecin Classic 2024 - Masterclasses - Szczecin (PL)

Fiachra asked for support to visit the Szczecin Classic in Poland, from 27 April to 3 May 2024. The course involves having lessons with Andriy Viytovych, who was Principal Viola of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden and is a versatile musician, highly knowledgeable in orchestral playing, section leading, preparing excerpts and viola playing in general.

I would love to have the chance to learn from him in depth during the course about section leading, about the different skills needed and find out what are the things which I should be busy with in the coming years. I just did a principal viola audition last week, and it showed me just how capable I am of preparing for it well in many ways, but also that I need more guidance in depth to continue on the right path.

We decided to support his request.

We love to support students with activities that contribute to their perosnal development. Participating in a master class is a clear example of this.